Freediver Instructor

If you’re an avid freediver, you likely spend a lot of time thinking about freediving, talking about freediving and sharing the details your latest freediving adventures. Becoming a PADI Freediver Instructor lets you take your passion for freediving to the next level and allows you to do what you enjoy as a profession. You must earn the PADI Freediver Instructor rating, but you gain a job that lets you share incredible underwater achievements with others – transforming their lives for the better while enriching yours.


At least 18 years old

Master Freediver Certification

Current Emergency First Response Instructor

Medical Statement Signed by a Physician within 12 Months

What you will learn:

In the PADI Freediver Instructor Training Course, over a minimum of four days, during both classroom and inwater sessions, you cover these key topics:

  • PADI Freediver course standards and procedures
  • Learning and Instruction
  • Teaching Skills and Supervising Freedivers
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Freediving Physiology and Psychology
  • Organizing and Marketing Freediving