German War Shipwreck

German war ship with memories from World War 2. It is at the northern Evoikos gulf, 50 meters long and made of cement. It was sunk by Germans themselves, during their retreat in 1942. They filled the ship with ammunition, opened in the middle of Evoikos and blew it up. Over the deck there is a ‘’blanket’’ of small fish which covers the cargo. The base from the machine gun on the bow and the cargo with the bombs on the open deck are some of the points that make it unique. Right and left there are lobsters and mongrels. The bridge of the ship is low; there are 2 access doors to enter the bridge where the steering wheel is in good condition. The smallest depth is above the bridge at -30 meters and the maximum at -36 meters on sandy bottom. The wreck was discovered after 10 years of research in 2005 by the Thalassa Diving Academy

Distance from Chalkida: 40min

Worth: 60€ (includes boat, insurance, cylinder, weights, instructor)

Requirements: Deep Diver, Wreck Diver