Purple Cave

At south Evia, Zarakes, in the Aegean sea, the is the Purple Cave. It is a magical place, with two underwater entrances at 5meters and at 16meters and a big opening towards the sky 25meters from the surface of the sea. Looking at the cave from the top opening we see crystal clear waters, and the rocks that exist on its bottom.

Going underwater and passing the big entrance gate the sunlight is lowing, but not so much that you do not see the purple color of the marine organisms on the walls perimeter! And where you say it darkens, a light is seen from above and as you progress more and more light. The sandy bottom of 20 meters becomes rocky and the depth 10 meters, the sun is now visible in the round frame formed by the roof of the Cave. You do not know what to choose; stay inside looking at the bottom or to emerge on the surface?

Drawing the head out of the water, your eyes stick to the opening to the sky and to the negative call that has the rocks, (it’s like an umbrella that has a hole in its center). The next one that enchants you is the purity, the color and the calm of the water. Wild birds have made nests in and it’s all you hear in the absolute peace that exists.

One can only see his interior either as by diving or by climbing from the rocky slope that ends up in the sea.

Thalassa diving academy is the first diving center that guides divers and walkers through the bottom, and through the roof of the cave.

Purple Cave has been voted the best diving destination in Greece.

Distance from Chalkida: 1.15 min

Worth: 50€ (includes boat, insurance, cylinder, weights, instructor)

Requirements: Open Water Diver Certification