Established in 1999 by the experienced diver George Monastiroglou, the Thalassa Diving Academy is a 5* PADI diving center, fully equipped dedicated to the underwater world, in the world of the sea. This one excellent distinction is the highest and is awarded by the PADI organization.

Thalassa is fully entitled to that Ranking, having trained over of 1900 students, maintaining zero rate of accidents to date.

With a total experience of over 30 years, with profound knowledge of Greek morphology reef and the ecosystem of the Greek seas, Thalassa has developed a unique teaching system based on the personality of the student. This allows them to learn at their own pace to form a very strong bond with the sea and ultimately to experience the absolutely personalized diving experience.


“We wanted to create a multi-functional space that could cover all aspects of diving. For us it is a way of life, our world is the sea and we want our students to be able to experience exactly what this world is and not simply to go through a process of learning the basic elements. “

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