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First Aid

Emergency First Response

According to studies, 80% of incidents that require first aid occur in our familiar environment.

That is why we should always be prepared to be able to face such situations.

When we refer to first aid, we mean the immediate FIRST actions we can take to stabilize the victim until the arrival of specialists.

The EFR First Aid training program is a program addressed at all divers and non-divers.
It is ideal for:
• New parents, as first aid training is provided to children and infants.
• Teachers
• Athletes
• Tourist enterprises
• Private Schools
• Lifeguards
• Factories
• Everyone who wants to be able to provide help to others
The training includes:
• Primary and secondary care
• Learn CPR to adults, children and infants
• Preparedness in case of an emergency
• Response to various injuries
• Treatment of bleeding
• Dealing with choking
• Treatment of spinal cord injury
• Use of bandages
• Use of AED
Upon completion of the course, a globally recognized certification is given.
Includes: EFR e-learning, EFR Certification.

6 hours

No restriction


Emergency First Response at WORK

First Aid at work is a specially designed program that covers all emergencies that are likely to occur in a workplace.
In addition to the basic training, depending on the needs of each workplace, a personalized program is created for each company.
Our main advantage is that the training is completed in just 4 hours, as long as the participants have previously studied at home the EFR electronic student manual, which is included in the package.
According to Law 4578/2018 on worker safety, first aid training is considered mandatory.

Includes: EFR e-learning, EFR Certification

4 hours

No restriction

The cost depends on the number of participants

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Knowing how and when to administer oxygen in an emergency is a valuable skill. The PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course prepares you on how to offer aid and recognize diving accidents where oxygen is needed.
Very useful course for divers, boat crew, lifeguards, freedivers, mermaids and anyone who spends a lot of time near the water.

Includes: PADI E-learning, PADI Certification, Instructor.

4 hours

No restriction


Emergency First Response REFRESHER

It's a good idea every 2 years to update our first aid knowledge and renew our certification.
This is exactly what EFR Refresher provides.
We focus on the key points of the course and preparing ourselves to provide assistance whenever needed.

Includes: EFR Certification

3 hours

No restriction


Emergency First Response INSTRUCTOR

Become an EFR First Aids Trainer today. With this certification you open a new professional orientation whether you are a diver or not. As a first aid instructor, you teach skills based on internationally recognized emergency guidelines and can offer courses to anyone. The best thing about EFR courses is that they make learning easy by providing a comfortable environment to practice emergency care skills. Your students complete the course confident with their new skills and ready to help someone in need.

DOES NOT Include: Instructor materials and EFR certification fees.

2 days

Above 18 years

Requires EFR certification