Team Building

Do you want to give your students an unforgettable group activity? Do you want to do something exciting for them when at the same time will help them at all levels to work together as a team players? Well, take the opportunity to offer just that!

The team building program of the Thalassa Diving Academy is not only a moving experience that changes your life - separate for each participant - it is also a powerful team activity that greatly improves the way children work together.

Our boat takes the students from the meeting point and we start for a mini cruise until Egglezonisi.

There we divide into 3 teams where each one has a member of Thalassa as a leader. Then we start our activities cyclical to get them to know all our games.

The first category is Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving is a team activity that introduces the team to the exciting world of the sea and the ability to breathe underwater.

Diving is a great way to develop your team's level of teamwork because it does not look like anything they have done to date, excites the curiosity stimulating creativity by "sinking" you into new sensations and experiences.

The second and third category is Survivor Junior

Students have the opportunity to leave electronics at home for a while and participate in creative group games in nature, land and sea.

If they want to win the only way is to work together and build a strong and effective team.
After the 3 core activities are completed, the 3 teams become one and all together learn first aid and self-rescue, making their T-Shirt a life jacket!

We get out of the sea and we are ready to make a tour to the pine forest of the island and the ruins of the home of the Englishman Francis Turville-Petre, which was bombed by the Germans during the World War II.

The team building program aims to improve the moral, the team dynamics and the communication skills of a whole.